Hanging Branch Clothing Rack

If you're living in a space with a teeny tiny closet (or no closet at all), then we have something for you. Our clothing racks are efficient, attractive, affordable and easy to assemble. You'll never miss your closet again.

Clothes racks are available in different colors: White, hazelnut, birch or as any color you would like.

All the branches are from the nature and the colour may vary. For example, birch branches may have light orange tone.

To keep the branches as natural as possible, then there are no protective coats used, execept the white or black branch.

The hanging system is also choosable: rope, white rope, black rope, chains

The clothing rack attaches to ceiling using two hooks, which are screwed into plastic dowels. Plastic dowels are placed into pre-drilled holes. The hooks and dowels are included with the rack.

Maximum load 100 lbs.
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